Thursday, November 20, 2014

Technical Analysis Strategies for Beginners

The Indian stock market has been rising to new highs on a regular basis. Sentiments turned bullish ever since BJP won the general elections. A further boost to market sentiments occurred when BJP recently won the Haryana state elections and emerged as the largest party in Maharashtra.

If you are thinking about jumping into the market in the hope of making some quick gains – think again. More money is lost because beginners enter the market without doing any homework. Buying stocks on the basis of tips from friends or brokerages is a ticket to financial disaster.

Spend some time in studying and understanding the stock market. A great place to start is by visiting the web site. It has a huge collection of articles on fundamental and technical analysis. Learn the basics before investing a single Rupee in the market. Don’t worry about missing the bus. The market will always be around – and it always provides money-making opportunities.

Here is an article that can get you started:

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